Cabling services include wiring for

all audio, video, data, and voice systems throughout a facility that connect to a network and are distributed throughout the building. We support installs of all sizes from wiring for small facilities to large complex systems that pull together an entire building or multiple locations.

Applications. We install low voltage cabling for computer networks, telecom systems, and audio-visual equipment.

Qualified Technicians. B2B Technologies installation technicians have experience and certification from the leading manufacturers of the technology systems we install.

Safety Matters. We follow strict installation guidelines to meet all applicable electrical and safety codes and to adhere to the manufacturer’s warranty for the installed equipment.

Whether you are looking to relocate your business, open an office, or install a new system, we offer a variety of low voltage cabling installs including:

  • Structured Cabling for all types of applications, including entrance facilities, equipment rooms, cabling between floors, cabling through the ceiling, telecom rooms, and many more.
  • Voice Cabling: Includes twisted pair technology for cost-effective, high-performing telecom lines and local area networks.
  • Coax Cabling: Often used in hi-fi audio, television, satellite, broadband communications installations.
  • Video Cabling: Typically coax or twisted pair cables.
  • Data Cabling: Used for data transmission across networks.
  • Fiber Optic Cabling: We can handle the installation, termination, and test multi-mode and single-mode fiber for applications indoors or outside consistent with recent advances in technology from manufacturers, termination, and testing standards for the fiber optic cables.
  • Cable Testing according EIA/TIA Building Telecommunication Wiring Standards

Areas We Serve:

Chicago IL | Nashville TN  

For a new business or a company looking to relocate, we have you covered for all your Low Voltage Cabling needs! Call us at (630) 293-0000 from Monday to Friday, 08:00AM-05:00PM, so we can talk about what low voltage cabling solutions meet the needs of your organization today.

Are you looking for a comprehensive technology assessment or a quote on technical assistance?

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