NEC Corporation (NEC) (TOKYO:6701) announced today the launch of the UNIVERGE SV9000 series, its latest line of communications servers. The new offerings include the SV9100, SV9300, and SV9500 platforms, which serve a range of customers from small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) to large enterprise customers. Also being launched are new terminals, including the DT800 and DT400 series, as well as the UT880, an innovative new-generation desk phone integrating a traditional desktop phone and an Android tablet into one device.

“We are excited to bring this powerful line-up of solutions to our global markets,” said Osamu Noda, General Manager, Enterprise Networks Division, NEC Corporation. “The new SV9000 series continues NEC’s trend of creating a natural migration path for customers, while evolving the technology to meet the needs of today’s businesses.”

Designed for enterprise customers, the SV9500 communications server is available as virtualized software providing the first full evolution of the SV enterprise-grade telephony system. Since the SV9500 is available as both a dedicated appliance and as software, enterprise customers can choose the solution that best fits their business strategy.

The new SV9300 platform is an option suitable for mid-sized enterprises. The SV9100 offering is designed as an all-in-one unified communications (UC) platform for SMBs, with simplified installation and management.

NEC enhances its approach to vertical markets such as hospitality, healthcare and education by offering a broad set of UC applications, including mobility and web conferencing. In addition, the SV9000 series continues to support powerful customer care solutions.

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