Our Direct Routing service transforms your Microsoft Teams application*
into an advanced business phone system, so you to make and take calls with external customers or vendors from the same Teams workspace you use for collaboration.

With our Direct Routing solution, you can use Microsoft Teams without losing traditional telecom functionality. Plus, we offer hybrid networking between the Microsoft Phone System and our MaXUC Unified Communications (UC) solution for additional capabilities and add-ons.
* Direct Routing Features
* BBNetworks
* Unlimited Local and Long Distance
* Keep Your Phone Numbers
* Forward Calls When Busy
* Forward Calls When Power or
* Internet Fails
* Failover When Teams is Down
* Route and Rollover Calls by Location
* Stay Connected to E91

* Secure Traffic with Encryption
* Hybrid TeamsMaX UC Networking Features

* Phones with Standing SIP Handsets
* Enable Paging
* Add Door Phone
* Activate Multilocation
* Auto Attendant
* Support Users without Microsoft Teams
* Our Direct Routing
* Shared call paths
* Unlimited minutes per user
* Low-cost toll-free numbers
* Ongoing customer support
* Local international numbers for U.S.-only customers
* International calling plans for all users
* 99.999% uptime (5.26 minutes of downtime a year)

About us:

B&B Networks, Inc. provides you with one point of contact for all of your voice & data communications needs. As a recognized innovator of both Voice & Data networks, we offer a wide range of products and services, including business telephone systems, IP telephony (VoIP), IT network design, implementation & IT Managed Services.

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