Having only an on-premise exchange server for your business

Do you have an on-premise Exchange Server, and do you or have you already experienced the pain from the issues that may arise from this model? Most companies are looking for a transition to the latest in Office 365 technology. Especially since cloud offerings are becoming more of a necessity instead of just an option. As much as possible, all your company’s important and critical data (and e-mail) should be on a cloud network, in order to avoid any issues when the server is not active, down, or experiencing issues. On top of that, using an on-premise server requires you to have your own IT support people, which can be detrimental to your pocket book. Here at B2B Technologies, we offer an extremely reliable cloud service with a well-known, trusted and familiar brand: Office 365.

You can save a tremendous amount of time, money, and effort when you migrate your email service to Office 365. With Office 365, which is acting as your company’s cloud-based exchange server, you’re able to have super easy access to your files, email, and company contacts anytime, anywhere, and with any device, without the stress of hosting and maintaining an on-location exchange server. Using Office 365 cloud also helps you to effectively communicate with your personnel and share critical documents within your company, as well as make great use of other popular Microsoft tools, such as Word, PowerPoint, Calendar, and Excel.

Our engineering team can assist you in setting up Office 365 in your Chicago or Nashville office location, along with efficiently and effectively transferring  all your critical data, so that you can focus on some of the more important elements of your company, as opposed to the IT technical  side of it. We will validate that your company will be operating in Office 365’s cloud with outstanding reliability and efficiency.

Our Office 365 technical support services for businesses in the Chicago and Nashville areas include

  • Outlook Desktop, Email Support

  • Exchange Server, Setup & Implementation, Support

  • Teams for Businesses

  • Microsoft Office Suites (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

  • Microsoft OneDrive

  • Microsoft Sharepoint

Areas We Serve:

Chicago IL | Nashville TN  

For your Office 365 cloud services needs, let the expert technicians at B2B Technologies do the work for you. Call us at (630) 293-0000 from Monday to Friday, 08:00AM-05:00PM, so we can talk about what migration plan would best fit your business needs We can take your call from Monday to Friday, 08:00AM-05:00PM.

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