Hosted Voice System vs.
On-Premise Phone System

Wondering what the key differences are between a hosted voice system and an on-premise phone system? 

We’ve put together a pro and con list comparing both systems to help you make the best decision for your business.


Mitel offers a full range of high-quality and cost-effective enterprise communication tools for small, medium, and enterprise level businesses.

Mitel tools are designed to increase productivity, mobility, and unified communications within a company, while also providing significant cost saving features that come from VoIP.

We install and maintain products and solutions offered by Mitel and will help you select the right unified communication products and services for your needs.


Zultys is an award winning IP PBX Business Phone System Solution that is perfect for organizations from 5-10,000 users across the globe.

View our Zultys Microsite for more information.

NEC SV9100

The UNIVERGE SV9100 Communications Server is a robust, feature-rich, Unified Communications enabled system that is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. Its intelligent design helps to solve today’s communications challenges and is built to scale as your business grows.

NEC SL2100

With NEC’s SL2100, you can ensure that your team stays connected through its wide-range of communication tools that accommodate flexible workspaces and allow free roaming wherever they are.


Sangoma’s Switchvox is an on-premises unified communication phone system designed for small to mid-sized companies that need a fully-featured VoIP phone system deployed on-premises. Switchvox gives direct control over updates and any integrations that may be needed.

Switchvox offers a strong feature set including advanced call control, many contact center features, plus integrations for Salesforce, Teams, and more in one unified communications platform.

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