Guaranteed performance over the cloud without headaches like multiple provider footprints, complex routing, skyrocketing expense, and connectivity or redundancy limitations.

Congratulations! You’ve added new locations and now look to grow on a regional and national stage

Your business is expanding — but can your network keep up?

With Managed SD-WAN, you can count on guaranteed performance delivered over the cloud that creates seamless enterprise contentedness.

We’ll take deployment headaches like multiple provider footprints, complex routing, skyrocketing expense and limited connectivity and redundancy options off your desk.

Migraine-inducing spotty Internet performance, inflexible static architecture and slow response times for critical apps can be distant memories. Distance, network hops, slow run times and bandwidth issues go away.

The business map today reflects the greatly expanded, increasingly complicated world out there — and that presents challenges and opportunities that demand new tools, responses and approaches. Managed SD-WAN gives you the resources you need to successfully navigate it, prosper and grow.

SD-WAN is game-changing technology

Managed SD-WAN uses our state-of-the-art managed platform to deliver three key advantages that make your life less stressful:

Assured application performance: Transport-independent performance leverages economical bandwidth and enables Internet as enterprise grade WAN (Over-the-Top or OTT)

Business policy automation Simplified IT operation, zero touch deployments and one- click service insertion

End-to-end management Direct cloud access with performance, reliability and security enable powerful end- to-end management


  • Any transport

    Managed SD-WAN supports all Internet transport options (EoX, Fixed Wireless, TDM, DSL/cable, and 4G LTE)

  • TPx MPLS

    Integrates IPVPN and MPLS into a single private network

  • Any network

    Flexibility to leverage any Internet access regardless of service provider

  • Nationwide availability

    Option to “Bring your own Bandwidth” allows for national off-net connectivity

  • Quality performance

    We provide QoS over any network — no “best effort” here

  • Secure connectivity

    MPLS traffic encrypted with VPN access to our MPLS network

  • 3rd Party Vendor Management

    Our support team is already working with customer providers, so they will make circuit repair calls on behalf of customers and are more experienced in getting escalation/resolution

  • Active-active

    Leverage the total bandwidth of dual Internet connections

  • Flexible continuity options

    Failover options in the event of an unplanned circuit outage is bi-directional; both circuits back up each other

  • Inbound continuity

    Provides static public IPs between core network and gateway so internal devices can always be reached by remote users

  • Application Aware/Smart QoS

    Customized prioritization of key application data traffic

  • WAN optimization

    Forward Error Correction (FEC) improves circuit performance, reducing jitter and packet loss

  • Orchestrator Write Access

    Self manage your service with Read/Write access to the TPx Managed SD-WAN orchestrator

  • Cloud VPN

    Dynamic edge-to edge communication via IPSec VPN connectivity

E911 Compliance